Outdoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Through passion and ingenuity, KAIQI strives to create learning tools that can capture the imagination of developing minds. Our outdoor, indoor, and plastic playground equipment sets have brought boundless joy to children everywhere. Browse our catalogue for excellent selections such as the sing, seesaw, and outdoor rocking horse! KAIQI--we put the fun in learning.

    1. Jungle Series Playground Equipment

      The jungle series playground equipment can make children feel they are in the forest of fairy tales. They play in small groups, go into the room looks like a tree, climb up the facility by climbing rocks and slide down through different shapes of slides. Children seem living in the forest happily.

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    1. Magical Station Series Playground Equipment

      With unique modeling in bright color, the school playground equipment can make children learn about the charm of the fairy tale during playing. The plastic playground facility can get children interested in searching for knowledge to study ...

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    1. Spider-Man Series Climbing Frame

      This outdoor furniture can fully train and express children's characteristics of taking risks and being brave enough to struggle. This spider-man series climbing frame also helps them to set up confidence, courage and enthusiasm to face the future.

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    1. Indoor Playground Equipment

      The children's soft indoor playground also gets the independent playing mode and interactive playing mode together. Therein, the independent game mode provides the chances of presentation and exploration. Thus children can be free from their parents ...

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